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VJ Granda

Vj Granda started making visuals in Andorra (Club Qtr) and Barcelona (Club La Cova, and in many underground raves) in the year 2005.
He has projected visuals with international artists such us: Oliver Ho (England), Steve Bug(Germany), Cle (Germany), Angel Molina (Spain), Animatek (Spain), Paola Cazenave(Spain), Òscar Babani (Spain), Miki Craven (Tresor Berlin) (Spain), Mouse up (Spain),Nativix (Brazil), bastarandgranfaker (Uruguay-Spain), Prince off (Belgium), Yousef (UK),Popular Damage (Germany), Shumi (Kompakt) (Germany), Tito Ormo (Spain), Juan Queija (Spain), Adriana López (Colombia-Spain), Alexander Kowalski (Germany), among others...

Vj Granda has shared line up with the best european vjs like: 4youreye (Austria), Pixkompressor (Austria), vj Anyone (Uk), Bombaklak (France), Born digital (Holland), Electromoon (Hungary-Polland), Shado visuals (Germany), Scouap (France), Goto10 (Holland), Justin Hoffman (Usa), Okinawa69 (Germany), Bruno Tait (Germany), Decollage tv (Uk), C27 (Austria), Lichterloh (Austria), Rotok (Spain), Bildwerk (Austria), Lichttapete (Austria), Tofa (Germany), Telenoika (Spain), Motionlab (Austria), vjJekk (Austria), Lein Wandler (Germany), Fritz Fitzke (Austria), Adisign (Austria), Neon Golden (Austria), Team modul8 (Germany), E:V/A (Austria), Pixelschubser (Germany), Nowemba (Austria), among others...

In June 2010 has been hired to perform in the main stage at the URBAN ART FORMS Festival, the europe's leading audiovisual festival, which takes place every year in the Austrian city of Wiessen.

This year he also plans to participate VJFEST Istanbul, and vjCAMP to Salzburb, Austria.; And continue working with the national group likantropika.

Àmbit, Andorra 2005
QTR, Andorra 2005-2007 (Resident)
The Loft (Razzmatazz), Barcelona 2007
La Cova, Barcelona 2007-2008
Fada Ignorant, Andorra 2008-2009
Nemo Club, Andorra 2008-2009-2010 (Resident)
Dylan’s club, Andorra 2009-2010
Pussycat, Andorra 2009-2010
Techno Fest, Andorra 2005
Pyrenees Sound 2006
Andorra's Youth party 2007
Festival Innovamusica, 2008
Testarrock Festival, 2009
VJ Fest, Istambul, 2009-2010
Urban Art Forms Festival 2010, Wiessen, Austria
Gincat, 2010

Visuals for Clubs, festivals, concerts and theater.

Recent events:
VJ Granda has performed in the main stage at the Urban Art Forms Festival,
the europe's leading audiovisual festival.
3-6 June 2010. Wiessen, Austria

VJ Fest
20, 21, 22 May, Istambul, Turkey